Hi, I'm Lisa!

And I got into naturopathy to help other people suffering with allergies. This area is something that resonates with me as I have suffered myself with allergic rhinitis for as long as I can remember. I am what you call a perennial sufferer, meaning I suffer all year round, and it still can be a struggle for me, even now. 

But I have recently discovered some great new research on certain herbs and nutrients that have been around as long as the dinosaurs - well u know what I mean - to help support my inflamed immune system.

So I want to share this information and help other people who understand the path I have walked (and continue to walk) so that together we can heal. I believe that by educating others on the power of herbs and plant food, I can spread the word that, even if mainstream medicine isn't working for you anymore, you don’t have to suffer in silence.

Along this road, I have also had 3 babies (which in turn, worsened my allergies) and developed Post Natal Depression (PND). This also affected my sleep, my moods, and the way I looked at food, and it was a road I realised I didn’t want to be on.


So I started studying Naturopathy and discovered ways to cope, and in turn I reclaimed my life back. I can now manage my anxiety and recognise when I’m not myself. I was medicated and managed by my doctor and fully support this with anyone who comes to visit me in clinic.

Again, this is something I want to share and help other mums and other individuals - it’s not how life should be and you can shine and be happy again.


​© 2018 Lisa Aldridge - Mindfully Balanced